Mathematics Department

Math Placement for LEAP Students

Do I need to take the math placement test?

The placement test is required before students can sign up for introductory Chemistry (CHE 161) and Physics (PHY 161, 162) courses, and Calculus/Precalculus (MAT 113, 121). These courses are required for a number of majors:

Pre-med, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Kinesiology (KIP), Economics, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics

Students who are interested in any of the above areas MUST take the placement test.

You should take the placement test WITHIN ONE WEEK after LEAP.

Without a placement score, we will not be able to assess your readiness for courses that require a level of mathematical ability. This may prevent you from being assigned your desired fall term schedule, though you will still be able to make changes to your schedule during the August Experience.

What if I am not interested in the above areas?

If you are absolutely certain that you are not going to pursue any of the above areas, then you don't have to take the placement test. However, students who are unsure of their future area of interest are strongly encouraged to take the math placement test.

What if I took or am taking AP Calculus in high school?

We still need you to take the placement test at this point. If you receive a 4 or 5 in the AP Calculus exam, you should arrange for the College Board to send your score report to Hanover College.

Students who are currently enrolled in dual-credit Calculus/Precalculus courses with an accredited college or university also must take the placement test at this time.

How can I find how I did on the placement test?

You will receive an email shortly after you take the test. The goal of the test is not to assign a grade but simply to assess your level of mathematical preparation in order to guide you towards an appropriate fall term schedule.

If you feel that the score on the test does not reflect your abilities (e.g. you think you can do better after a short review), feel free to retake the test, possibly after some review of basic algebra and/or precalculus (for example you could look at Khan Academy's "Algebra Basics"). Only your highest score will count.

Your placement result will be one of the following:

  • Ready for Calculus means you are ready to sign up for Calculus I (MAT 121) if you need to, and you have satisfied the "precalculus" requirement for any course that needs it.
  • Ready for Precalculus means you are ready to sign up for Essential Precalculus (MAT 113) if you need to, and you have satisfied the "basic math" requirement for any course that needs it.
  • Needs Basic Math┬ámeans that in order take a course that has the "basic math" requirement, you will need to concurrently enroll in Basic Math (MAT 101), which is a 0.5-unit course.

Example scenarios:

  1. Chris is interested in Engineering. Their ideal Fall schedule includes MAT 121 (Calculus I) and PHY 162 (Introductory Mechanics). In order to be able to sign up for those courses, Chris will need the "Ready for Calculus" math placement result (or they will need to transfer in appropriate AP or college-level credit for Calculus). Alternatively, Chris could start by taking MAT 113 (Precalculus), together with MAT 101 (Basic Math) if needed, to prepare for taking Calculus and Physics later.
  2. Taylor is interested in Premed. Taylor's Fall schedule will likely include CHE 161 (Principles of Chemistry I). Taylor will need a placement of "Ready for Precalculus" or better. Alternatively, Taylor can sign up for MAT 101 (Basic Math), to be taken concurrently with CHE 161.

If you have any remaining questions, please contact the math faculty by emailing

I'm ready to take the test!

When you are ready to proceed to the test, follow this link: