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Mathematics Department

In the Footsteps of Newton: Lesson Plans

Welcome to our Resource Page for educators who are teaching a unit on Sir Isaac Newton, the History of Math, or the Scientific Revolution.

Our 42 minute educational video on Sir Isaac Newton can be streamed from the above link for use in the classroom. DVDs are available to educators for cost and handling. Contact: Pat Schuring

We encourage you to share any teacher resources you have for using our video in the classroom or comments from your students about the video.

The video is divided into the following 10 steps which can be used to stop for discussion:


Seven Hanover College (Indiana) students take a life-changing journey to England to find out how a farm boy from humble origins ends up buried among kings in Westminster Abbey. The students have a combination of interests and double majors with math that connect heavily with Newton's wide range of interests, which gives them insight on the person behind the legend. As they make connections between Newton's story and their own lives, their youthful enthusiasm gives the story an appeal different from documentaries where established experts expound on a topic.

Full Synopsis

Educators are invited to submit their lessons plans for posting on this page, along with a photo of your school or class. Please submit them to rodgers@hanover.edu.